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A RoyEL 2RTH Non-Releasing Tap Holder used on a CNC MAZAK Quick Turn 300 lathe.
Video of holder in action:


For Automatic or Hand Screw Machines and Turret Lathes
        No Bushings
        No Collets
        No Extra Jaws
RoyEL Tools producing quality tool holders since 1955.
  Enjoy the advantages of RoyEl Tool Holders:
      Reduce set-up and downtime by 50% or more.
      Eliminate accessories-no bushings, no collets, no extra jaws.
      Provide greater holding strength than ever before with 4-point holding along full length of jaws.
      Eliminate the cutting off of tool shanks.
      Eliminate the necessity to re-center when tools are removed for sharpening or replacement.
      Establish drill or tap depth easily from the flat face of the tool holder, eliminating all guess work.

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